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Related knowledge of rolling bearings lubrication

DYS BEARINGS | Updated: May 17, 2017

Rolling bearings are commonly used lubricants have two kinds of lubricating oil and grease. Grease lubrication is used when the circumference of the shaft is less than the 4-5m/s, or the parts of the car cannot be lubricated by lubricating oil. Lubricating grease has the advantages of simple sealing structure, grease easy to drain, the temperature is not affected, adding a lubricating grease can be used for a long time.

Use grease to pay attention to two questions, one is to according to the requirements of the car specifications, the use of appropriate brands of lubricating grease. For example, the automobile pump bearings should not choose Naki grease, because of its poor water resistance. The second is to add the grease to the bearing in the right amount, generally only filling the bearing cavity 1/2-l/3 advisable, too much not only useless, but also increase the bearing of the running resistance, so that heating up. Especially attention is the automotive hub bearings, to promote "air hub lubrication", that is, only on the bearings coated with a layer of grease can, otherwise, not only waste and heat dissipation, but also make grease spills, may affect braking performance.

Lubricating oil is the advantage of small friction resistance, and can heat dissipation, mainly used in high-speed and working environment high temperature tapered roller bearings. The grades of lubricating oils should be chosen according to the requirements of the automobile specification. And after the car maintenance cycle in a timely replacement, after the release of the old oil to the body after cleaning up the new oil, refueling should be added to the prescribed marking, or with refueling mouth flat (depending on the car's specific structure, requirements and determined), can not be added.