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Tensioner Bearings & Idler Bearings

DYS BEARINGS | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

Product Description

Auto Tensioner & Idler Bearings
Optimized structure design parameters, sealing structures with good performances and good greases are used in tensioner bearings and Idler bearings to ensure the safe and reliable running of bearings under a dusty environment. Different sealing structures and greases are used respectively according to temperature differences during operation of tensioner bearings to meet the requirements of performances.

Tensioner Function
It is rotated with a peanut hole as the central figure:
- Easy install of timing belt
- Set up initial belt tendion with tension spring force
- It keep up belt tension after installing on engine
- Reduce belt span vibration as supporting belt
Idler Function
- Incease belt wrap angle of campulley and crank pulley
- Reduce belt span vibration as supporting belt
- It keep up belt tension after installing on engine
Idler could be added or removed according to engine layout

Key Specifications/Special Features:
-High precision class
-Low noise & Vibration
-Superior Sealing
-Various sizes for different car engine models
-Good life performance