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Quenching Steels For Tempering Purposes

DYS BEARINGS | Updated: May 17, 2017

After quenching the steel, reheat to the Ac1 point below a certain temperature, heat preservation a certain time, then cooling to room temperature heat treatment process called tempering.

Quenching steel tempering purposes are as follows:

1, eliminating internal stress. To reduce or eliminate the internal stresses produced by the workpiece during quenching, to prevent deformation and cracking of the workpiece in the process of use.

2. Obtaining the required mechanical properties. Tempering can improve the toughness of steel, adjust the strength and hardness of steel appropriately, so that the workpiece has a better comprehensive mechanical properties.

3, stable organization and size. Tempering can stabilize the steel structure, thus guaranteeing the dimensional stability of the workpiece in the process of use.