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Related Knowledge Of Mounting Tapered Roller Bearings

DYS BEARINGS | Updated: May 17, 2017

(1), the force of the forces as much as possible through the bearings of the axis, which requires that the force is evenly symmetrical and smooth, through the sphere or parallel to the axis of power.

(2), the size of the force should be smooth and uniform, unfavorable impact, this requires the use of hydraulic pressure or the use of a smooth tension or pressure, really have to use the hammer, but also through the copper sleeve, such as soft and not chip metal cushion, percussion force as gentle as possible. It is best to use a brass rod or copper hammer to hammer.

(3) to avoid using the rolling body force, which requires the dismantling of the inner ring (shaft ring) through the inner ring of force, when the outer ring is loaded through the outer ring.

(4), the drag force should continue to the extent of due, for example, in the installation of bearings in the right place to stop the force, to ensure that the end of the rings (washers) to rely on the seat of the hole or shaft to the end of the shoulder, can not squeeze too tight, and can not be installed in place.